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Are You Limiting Yourself?

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What you believe you can do and what you can actually do, are two very different things!

When something pop's into your mind and excites you - do you think 'OMG yes I want to do this' and make a plan, or do you go 'I couldn't possibly do that' and then proceed to list all the reasons in your head why you can't?

Family on the peak of Ben Nevis
Myself, Chris and our dog Jasper at the Summit of Ben Nevis, May 2023

Each and every one of us has different limits: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. What you see friends, family and influencers doing should hold no baring on what you believe, think and do in your life.

What limits you compared to your friend, for example, is constructed from our individual upbringing, family, culture, religion, education, outside influences and lifestyle choices to name a few. What they were taught and shown as 'difficult' or 'not to be done' is completely different to you. These beliefs then shape what we think we can and can't do when we become adults. Beliefs that limit us are called: 'Self Limiting Beliefs'.

Not all Self Limiting Beliefs are bad or need changing. However some may be hindering us in our relationships, career, family life, or health as adults. When we feel like we are made for more, or can be better or deserve more than we are currently providing for ourself, it is then that Self Limiting Beliefs could potentially be holding you back.

Some people may find re-shaping physical Self Limiting Beliefs, like hiking to the Summit of Ben Nevis, easier than an emotional Self Limiting Belief, like feeling worthy in a relationship. Some Self Limiting Beliefs can be deeply rooted and need a lot of time and work to see, and some float around on the surface which may be easier to mould.

We may not be able to see what is holding us back in our minds so we can level up and make that next step; that is where a Mindset Coach comes in. I focus specifically on Mindset and how to support my clients in shifting bad thought patterns or behaviours that no longer serve who they are or where they wish to go in life.


Transforming these Self Limiting Beliefs so you can accomplish new and exciting dreams is one of my all time favourite work to do with my clients. So if you think you can't do something that you really want to do, click here to book a free discovery call and we can start shedding old beliefs and reigniting a new more empowered you!


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