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Feedback is Key for Healthy Relationships

Feedback is fundamental to the success of healthy relationships.

Feedback is information packaged up in communication, responses and reactions whether face to face or online or in the media.

If you don't know something, then ask.

If you want to know if you are a good friend, then ask. What does being a good friend even mean to you or said friend?

Do you notice how you may have a friend who loves to talk everyday, and you may have another friend that you speak to monthly but your relationships are just as strong and deep? Well what is meaningful to one friend will be different to another and you won't know until you ask and converse people.

Then, when you're in that space opening up, you can then also open up about the things that are good for you too. Speaking your needs and values out loud can sound strange at first but once you do it, you'll notice how liberating it feels and then you may find you start doing it naturally with more people.

Another thing, feedback is not always sunshine and rainbows. Please do be prepared, opened minded and curious enough to hear the not so fabulous feedback and hear it as an opportunity for growth rather than a critique. See the relationship you hold as more important than the individual feedback if you are struggling to receive the feedback.

Fundamentally, whether positive or negative, feedback is a key ingredient to creating meaningful and long lasting healthy relationships.


Thinking differently can be challenging at first but once you get started, communication becomes simpler and your relationships become more fulfilling. If you'd like to explore leveling up your relationships then, click here to book a free discovery call and we can discuss what that looks like!


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