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Different Devil at Every Level of Personal Development

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Personal Development is never ending in life - and not in an 'oh shit when is this going to end' kind of way but in an 'ooo look at that popping up, who are you and where have you come from' ('you' being a belief, trigger or value that has popped up out of nowhere inside of you).

I hold a 'curious perspective' when it comes to discovering and uncovering beliefs, values, emotions or behaviours about myself. Whether I am directly trying to unearth something or if something crops up midway through a heated debate. I have found that becoming more self aware has been fantastic for my emotional intelligence however, the self limiting beliefs that crop up when I try to further my business, relationship or life can still feel just as powerful or large as any other previous self limiting belief or value that I have transformed. Hence why I have picked up the saying that there is a 'Different Devil at Every Level' (my head takes me to Dante's Inferno when I think about this phrase, what that says about me, who knows).

They're not the same devil taunting you at each level of development because they each represent a different limiting belief, value or behaviour that is currently hindering you. My best tips on how process a self limiting belief or value that suddenly appears you can:

  1. Acknowledge - When the devil crops up, acknowledge there presence

    1. I tend to say to myself "Oh hey there beautiful, didn't know you existed, nice to meet you"

    2. Acknowledging they exist is the first step to self awareness, emotional intelligence and being compassionate to yourself

  2. Observe - What do they look like and how do they show up in your life

    1. Is there a pattern to this self limiting belief cropping up and when is that?

    2. How do they present themselves to you?

    3. Harsh language or soft?

    4. What do they look like, what colour or shape or image - really map this out to get a real good feel of this belief or value so you know them inside and out.

  3. Identify - Look at patterns in your childhood and adult life to see where this devil may have arrived to support or protect you

    1. When discovering this, remember to be kind to yourself and not harsh on yourself for previously doing x, y or z. Always remember you did the best you could with what you had and knew, you didn't know what you are learning now so couldn't have done something different in those past scenarios - and this is how knowledge becomes power, but I'll save that concept for another blog.

    2. Also identify, if not this value or belief then what? Identify what belief or value does feel aligned with you as opposed to the one that is cropping up.

  4. Acceptance - Thank the devil for supporting you, because in some way, this limiting belief was to born to protect you in some way. Acknowledge all the ways in which this lingering belief or value is not serving you now

    1. I recommend to thank this little pesky devil for supporting you because there is a common pattern where self limiting beliefs or core values are naturally born from your environment to protect you or comfort you without your knowledge, it happens on such a subconscious level we don't even realise we are doing it. It is only when you look deeper that you come to realise you don't need it anymore.

    2. Just because the self limiting belief or value is not serving you now or perhaps wasn't yours and you adopted it/absorbed the same belief from your family or society, doesn't mean you can skip this step. Acceptance is linked to accountability and if we don't take accountability for our behaviours, values and beliefs then we limit ourselves.

  5. Action - When you are ready, and are presented with an opportunity where your limiting belief or value would normally encourage you to take the 'safer' path, move through this list and Acknowledge, Observe, Identify, Accept and then RESPECTFULLY (to yourself and to the other people around you) take action in moving towards the opposite or more empowered belief or value that you are aligned with

These steps are a brief intro to the steps taken to transform a self limiting belief or value. Within my 12 week 1:1 Coaching sessions we delve into these self limiting beliefs and explore all the ways they crop up and where they came from so together I can support and empower my client to level up, push their limits and create more success in their lives


If you are interested in more success and releasing your full potential then click here to book a free discovery call and we can chat about levelling you up!


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