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About Me

I am an accredited Coach with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a mentor, trained in The Clique Method style of coaching and also a Mental Health First Aider. I am currently training in NLP to further my development as a Coach.

I am passionate about helping people get to where they are going, whether it be emotionally, physically or mentally. Everyone's journey is unique and my coaching style connects to wherever you are in life to where to desire to be.

Chlo's Personal Journey

I don't normally talk so much about myself but this is a page that is supposed to be About Me... so, below are some significant things that have led me to be the Coach I am, if anyone's interested.

I moved from the Midlands to South East England when I was about 9 yrs old with my family. It was a tough and harsh change that I felt I had no control over. I was racially bullied and pretty much isolated for about 7yrs by my 'peers'. I began to understand, at such a young age, the difference between things I could change and influence vs what I couldn't change aka my skin colour. I grew up quicker than those my age because of this experience and understood the power of choice, circle of control vs circle of influence. You see, I couldn't change what anybody saw or how someone may feel about me or anything related to me, but what I could control, was my response to it. I had a choice and this was within my power. This concept made me feel empowered, because it didn't just apply to my skin colour, I could apply this concept/approach to many areas of my life. Once I changed my perspective, I transformed the rest of my life and the choices I made.

Certified Business Coach

This experience taught me the importance of empowering myself, leaning into vulnerability (because it was incredibly humiliating and embarrassing), developing my courage and above all else, advocating for myself. It can be so easy advocating for children, friends or loved ones when we see them being wronged, yet we rarely speak up for ourselves in the same way when we are being wronged. 


Fast forward through my messy 20's that were filled with, yet again, some more gritty unhappy experiences. I'm not saying there's no ups, because there certainly was. I have found that transformative changes that have had profound impact on me stem from the painful emotions and experiences; c'est la vie. I started seeing a therapist in 2020/2021 where I was able to process my experiences over the 10 years that I had boxed up as 'deal with later'. I began to explore the new version of myself that wasn't chained to damaging behaviours and patterns within myself and my relationships. Through this journey I could see how I had become a natural Coach, Mentor and supporter, for all of those people around me, without even realising I was doing that. I lost my way by over serving everyone else but the one thing that stayed with me, was my innate passion to empower people. Through gaining the ICF Coaching qualification I have learnt how to apply my natural superpowers with a globally recognised regulatory Coaching body to help people get to where they desire to go in life.

I am also currently undertaking an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Qualification to help my clients on a deeper level help change negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns that lead to a more fulfilling and resourceful life.

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