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Transformational Life Coaching and Mentorship Packages

Work with Chlo:

There are three ways that you can work with Chlo: 

Green Leaves

12 Week Coaching &

  • 12 weeks of 1:1 ICF Coaching & Mentoring​

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions over Zoom

  • Support via email, text, whatsapp and calls

  • This package is for Clients looking to experience Coaching & Mentoring for the first time

  • They are looking to level up in one, maybe two, areas of their life and would like to know where to start and would like guidance

Payment in full £1,250

2 payments of £625

Tropical Palm Leaf

6 Months Coaching & Mentoring

  • 6 months of weekly 1:1 ICF Coaching and Mentoring 

  • Weekly 1 hour sessions over Zoom

  • Support via email, text, whatsapp and calls

  • This package is for Clients  looking to make changes at a deep level to create a positive impact on their life now and in the future

  • They've maybe experienced coaching and/or mentorship before and are looking to level up in multiple areas of their lives and would like consist accountability and more resourceful skills to improve their life

Payment in full £2,500

2 payments of £1,250

Banana Leaves

Bespoke Ongoing Coaching & Mentoring

  • This service is only offered to a limited number of Clients who have completed either the 12 week or the 6 months Coaching and Mentoring Packages.

  • It is important for both the Client and Coach to have a positive partnership which can be explored and experienced first, through the 12 week and 6 month offers.

  • Clients who opt for this package wish to make ongoing successful improvements to their lives professionally and personally. 

  • These Clients thrive on accountability to level up their skills.

Monthly payments based on frequency and length of sessions. Length of sessions vary based on journey, requirements and exercises within the Coaching

Read below for more information

What you can expect from Chlo:

Chlo's coaching style is a mixture of NLP techniques, ICF Coaching and Mentoring tailored to the Clients needs. Chlo will explore a range of strategies and techniques with you over the course of your time together to support you in understanding, developing and transforming your mindset, emotions and communication to expand your perspectives and develop yourself. She will use her signature Transformational framework, coaching and mentorship skills to guide you to towards your specific goals!

Chlo is qualified and certified with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and is currently training to complete her NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Qualificatio
n to better support her Clients in shifting their mindsets and reframing situations to help them become a more resourceful and self-empowered individual.

Some topics that may be explored are:


  • Gaining clarity on areas of your life you want to improve on

  • Brain re-wiring

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Goal Setting

  • Perspective & Mindset Shifts

  • Journalling

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming 

  • Change Curve

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Stress Management & Resilience

  • Circle of Influence & Circle of Concern

  • Challenging ego states

  • Inspired Action

  • Identifying and transforming self limiting beliefs
  • Holistic Approach
  • Communication Styles & Skills
Confidence Coaching Unique Framework (4).png

Reach out - You and Chlo will have a 30 minute chat to see if you'll make a great partnership working together, exploring your needs and seeing if Chlo is the best fit for you

Start when you are ready - once the Client Agreement has been signed, you are ready to schedule in your sessions with Chlo and can start working on your goals immediately

Coaching - 1:1 bespoke coaching with Chlo over Zoom, along with Whatsapp and email support, to guide you on your personal journey. Chlo uses elements of ICF style coaching and NLP techniques to coach clients through transformational changes


​Mentorship - you will have unlimited access to Chlo's experience, top tips and best ways to overcome any challenge right at your fingertips

Continue Your Journey - You have the opportunity to work with Chlo on an ongoing basis once you complete the 12 week or 6 month Coaching and Mentorship package.

Click below to start your empowering coaching journey:

Modern Coffee Shop
How it Works:



"In all honesty I had started the session believing I already had an idea of what was holding me back, but by the end of the session felt I had achieved a real enlightening moment of clarity around something else that was more prominent."

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  • What is Coaching?
    Coaching is different to therapy and counselling. Coaching focuses on the clients goals and aspirations that include mindset, business, health and career. Coaching is a form of self development that looks to focus on the future and is goal orientated towards what the client desires. Clients can reach their goals using our signature framework to support their journey.
  • Confidentiality
    Chloé will always hold a safe space for you. You can share and discover as much or as little as you feel comfortable to do. The sessions are confidential and will not be shared anywhere. As a Coach Chloé has an ethical duty to let you know if she believe's that you will benefit from therapy prior or during coaching. This will be explored and discussed with you, the client, first.
  • I've never had coaching before, is this ok?
    This is absolutely fine. Chloé will cater all of the sessions for you, at your pace and they are all based on how far you get involved. The coaching is unique to your needs so the more you put in to the sessions and tasks, the more you will get back.
  • When can I start?
    As soon as you sign up and payment is made. You will be sent a coaching agreement which you will need to read through and sign and then the coaching sessions can be schedulled in as soon as you are ready.
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